Pastoral Care is central to education at St John Paul College, permeating all aspects of school life.

It is central in the education of our students, placed at the heart of wellbeing efforts and learning activities at St John Paul College. Pastoral Care is inextricably linked with relationships and the mutual recognition of others, experienced most deeply through being cared for, respected and valued. Thus, authentic Pastoral Care enacted through relationships, permeates the systems, structures and everyday domains of practice in St John Paul College so as to ensure that the human dignity and wellbeing of every student is of paramount importance.

Our Pastoral Care programs at St John Paul College seek to promote wholeness, deep inner strength, resilience and wellbeing through the experience of life-giving relationships in all domains of Catholic school life. These relationships and associated actions are inspired and strengthened by Jesus Christ and the model provided by a Gospel way of life. Relationships between all members of the school community, including students, all school staff, parents, clergy, the parish and the wider community are therefore the main conduit for progressing Pastoral Care within our school.

Our school way of life is nurtured and sustained through lives centred on Jesus Christ, a rich prayer life and participation in the Christian sacraments. Building upon these foundations, Pastoral Care is expressed in love, respect, solidarity, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and social justice.

All staff at St John Paul College are part of our pastoral team. Our pastoral program is implemented by the Principal, Assistant Principals, Leader of Pastoral Care, Year Co-ordinators and Homeroom Teachers.

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Lismore Diocese Pastoral Care Framework


Hardgrove, Scott
Mr Michael Stubbs
Assistant Principal
Pastoral Care
Mr Scott Hardgrove
Assistant Principal
Mr Richard O'Connor
Leader of
Student Engagment


Year 12

Mr Mark Sultana

Year 11

Mrs Alana Johnson

Year 10

Mrs Trish Furey

Year 9

Mr Nicholas Haworth

Year 8

Mr Tony Abbotts

Year 7

Mr Mark Coster

Pastoral Programs

Our pastoral programs aim at developing students to face and meet the challenges that young adults face in the ever-changing world, from transition in Year 7 to being ready to enter the adult world after Year 12. Through this journey at St John Paul College,  the pastoral program focuses on faith development, relationships, individual leadership qualities, resilience, online understanding and personal growth.

Level System

The College encourages students to participate in all aspects of college life. Our level system acknowledges student commitment to our code of behaviour, academics studies, co-curricular activities and community participation.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"  (John 14:6)

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